Eyebrow embroidery, which is a way of planting cosmetic pigment (semi-permanent) in the skin to produce the same effect of wearing make up, has become a fad in Singapore and elsewhere. This, due to the wide array of aesthetic benefits that it brings. Because of this, the number of eyebrow embroidery in Singapore service providers have drastically grown in numbers.

Curious on what the hype is all about? Continue reading to find out more and once you’ve made your decision to undergo one, give us a shout here at Pandora Lashes. Without further ado, here’s a quick, yet detailed look at eyebrow embroidery.

Goes by several names

Eyebrow embroidery also goes by 3D eyebrow tattooing as well as microblading. Whatever you want to call, you can be rest assured that it’s a worthwhile procedure that can enhance aesthetic appearance and bring value for buck, among other things.

Way different from tattoos

Despite being known as 3D eyebrow tattooing, it should be noted that it’s very different from traditional eyebrow tattooing. While technology that is used in the two procedures are--to some extent--similar, they vary in output. In the former, artificial eyebrows look more natural since they are specifically designed to mimic real ones. This is not the case with the latter since the pigments are darker and thinner.

Also, it’s important to note that conventional tattooing utilizes needles and ink, but eyebrow embroidery utilizes blades and ink.

Not as painful as tattooing

It should be noted that eyebrow embroidery is not as painful since our personnel as well as other personnel from eyebrow embroidery in Singapore entities are extensively trained to be mindful of the welfare of their clients throughout the necessary procedures. In line with this, our technicians for the said task apply anesthetic in the form of creams and lotions to maintain a painless session.

Now that you’re acquainted with eyebrow embroidery, you also need to do your part and perform a couple of precautionary measures. This, to ensure that you are going to enjoy the whole process and indulge in the benefits to the fullest.

Precautionary measures

Wash your hair

Make sure to wash your hair beforehand since our technicians may advise you to avoid shower over the succeeding couple of days to fend off irritation on your eyebrow area. However, if you need to clean your face, you can use cotton pads and a splash of water. Make sure to practice caution along the way since not doing so can lead to a number of inconvenient conditions.

Free up your sched

Before booking your eyebrow embroidery session, it’s best to free up your schedule and ensure that there are no special events or occasions that involve socialization are planned.

It’s also ideal to shun away from swimming trips and gym activities, among other undertakings that may expose you to water and/or sweat. This can minimize the occurrence of irritation and speed up the recovery period.

Check for allergies

As mentioned earlier, our technicians are going to apply anesthetics in the form of cream and lotion. That being said, it’s best to make sure that you don’t have allergies to anesthetics and other ingredients that lotions as well as creams may contain.

If you need to visit your doctor, do so since this straightforward measure is essential if you want to make the most of your session and ensure that the whole thing is going to be convenient as well as pain-free.

Have a touch up session

A touch up session or basically a re-do of the previous session is a must if you want to achieve the look that you want. This can be done up to a month after your eyebrow embroidery session. Along the way, a technician can work on certain areas where the dye didn’t properly adhere to. In some cases, he/she may slightly modify the shape of your eyebrows. Alternatively, you can request it.

Visit us now

If you’ve made up your choice and you want to undergo eyebrow embroidery, then you should seriously consider having it done at Pandora Lashes. With our highly skilled personnel, you can achieve professional service that can meet your preferences, needs, and budget, among others, that’s also one for the books when it comes to value for money.

Visit us now and enjoy the look that you want without worrying about a thing. Just sit back, relax, and let our experts handle everything.

  • Lips Embroidery – from $360 onwards
  • Eyebrows Microblading – from $360 onwards
  • Eyebrow Embroidery – from $360 onwards
  • Upper and Lower Eyeliner  – from $299 onwards
  • Remove dark pigmentation on lips  - from $160 onwards