Wholesale Lashes Tools

Wholesale Lashes Tools

Pandora Lashes is not just your one-stop venue for eye extension, eyelash embroidery, and eyelash perming, among others. It’s also your go-to place for wholesale lashes tools that are made from the fine and durable materials.

Interested of availing them for your do-it-yourself eye adornment tasks? Visit us and find out why many are not only raving about our notable services, but also the performance as well as make of the said tools.

Curious yourself and you need to purchase a couple of wholesale lashes tools as well? Visit us and check our wide array of options that include the following:

Volume lashes ($26/box)

Volume lashes are innovative beautification accessories that are attached to your lashes to boost their natural dimension, texture, and everything in between.

Bear in mind, however, that they usually require above-average skills to arrange and most of the time, may require the help of expert technicians, depending on the level of refinement that you want to achieve.

Classic Lashes ($26/box)

Classic lashes are extensions that are usually applied to a natural lash, which means that if you only have approximately 50 suitable natural lashes, the same number can only be put on one eye.

Putting the said factor into consideration, these particular kinds of lashes have an appropriate amount of healthy unadulterated natural ones and at the same time want to achieve a simpler effect.

Camellia Lashes ($38/box)

Camellia Lashes are multi-length/volume eyelash extensions that are more detailed and fuller than their classic counterparts. They are usually available in a wide array of lengths and each of their rows come in different lengths. These are strategically manufactured to somehow imitate the natural growth cycle of lashes.

Glue Extension ($79/bottle)

Pandora Lashes glue extensions are safe to use and can be directly applied to the skin and/or natural eyebrows. It instantly bonds within a couple of seconds and its effect can last up to two weeks if properly taken care of. Furthermore, they’re safe on skin and eyes; so you don’t have to worry about your welfare each time you use them.

Eyelash Extension Remover ($55/box)

Don’t fret if you don’t have time to visit Pandora Lashes, because you can actually do this without professional help and at the comfort of your home thanks to our eyelash extension remover.

Compared to other products that are out on the market that contain harmful chemicals, ours are made from high quality ingredients that are proven to be gentle on the skin, especially on the eye area.

Eyelash Tweezers ($80/piece)

Eyelash tweezers are worthwhile purchases because of functionality as well as practicality that it brings. We offer a wide array of tweezers that can be used to remove eyelashes and address similar applications. Regardless of your problem, you can be rest assured that you can avail the right eyelash tweezer.

Eyelash Cleaning Solution ($28/bottle)

In general, it’s a challenge to clean artificial eyelashes, even if they are made from fine materials. Need help with this matter? You came to the right place. This task can be drastically simplified with our eyelash cleaning solution. It’s both gentle on your artificial eyelash and on your skin.

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Visit us today and find out why Pandora Lashes stands out in eyelash services and why it’s in a class of its own when it comes to wholesale lashes tools sales.

We do provide accessories as:

  • Volume Lashes - $26/box
  • Classic Lashes - $26/box
  • Camellia Lashes - $38/box
  • Glue Extension - $79/bottle
  • Eyelash Extension Remover - $55/box
  • Eyelash Tweezers - $80/piece
  • Eyelash Cleaning Solution - $28/bottle